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- Arnies Airsoft
- Plate Carrier
- Night Vision Goggles
- Tactical Flash Lights
- Tactical Combat Gloves
- Hotspot Airsoft
- Ground Zero Airsoft
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Community Oriented Web Sites and Forums

NEASG features Airsoft and MILSIM disucssions for North East region of the USA. - AirsoftForum is an Airsoft & MILSIM discussion board where you can find answers and meet other interesting people.

<Arnies Airsoft is probably the best known British Airsoft site. Great reviews and Cheeky humor. Excellent forums as well.

Wolcott Hobby and Ground Zero Airsoft has begun fielding games at their field and offers their own Forums. They also sell airsoft equipment on-site

Local Fields

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Local Teams pages

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Hotspot Airsoft has just opened a second store in Stamford CT. Great news for you guys on the shoreline.

Wolcott Hobby and Ground Zero Airsoft offers an Airsoft Field and Store. Wide selection of Airsoft guns and some gear to chose from.

Depot 53

BB Airsoft Gun - "The only Airsoft Gun Shop You Need."

Tactical Gear

Plate Carrier offers info on Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs
Night Vision Goggles offers info on NVG's
Tactical Flash Lights offers info and deals on the best tactical flashlights
Tactical Combat Gloves offers info on the best tactical gloves

Airsoft and Milsim Training Organizations

MSATO.Org Offers training by former US Military.

Their Mission: Improve the playing style and level of MilSim Airsoft in the Northeast through organized Military / Airsoft Training.
They are looking to bring people together from different teams and different fields together for a structured training program